Bell Aliant Learning Centre


Q: How am I billed for Bell Aliant Learning Centre as a home or business user?
A: Bell Aliant Learning Centre is a credit card billed service. Enter your credit card number when you register online and Bell Aliant will bill your credit card the 1st day of each month for the next month subscription. You can cancel the service at any time - see Terms and Conditions of payment for details.

Q: How do I access the site after I subscribe to Bell Aliant Learning Centre?
A: You can access Bell Aliant Learning Centre either by going to and select Bell Aliant Learning Centre under Extras; or, go directly to

Q: As a teacher can I show these videos to children in my classroom?
A: Yes, all Bell Aliant Learning Centre videos are pre-approved for "Public Performance Rights" per the Canadian Copyright Act to play as classroom presentation videos.

Q: Why subscribe to Bell Aliant Learning Centre, when I can get educational videos by searching the internet with my web browser?
A: There are several reasons:
- Educational Content Availability - Learning Centre has exclusive rights to relevant educational content not readily available online or through retail purchase.

- Curriculum Correlation - all videos are directly correlated to the Public Grade School curriculums in Atlantic Canada with easy search capabilities by province, grade, & subject with the search tool.

- Video Rental Cost - these videos aren't available free of charge outside Atlantic Canada. Other regions can only purchase these titles per DVD at $49-$99 per Video on the Distribution Access website.

- Public Performance Rights - Videos available at retail outlets are restricted to only "Home Video Rights" & usage (not available to schools, and are not free of charge). With Learning Centre, videos are available with no classroom usage restriction or cost.

Q: What is the Bell Aliant Learning Centre Premium Service?
A: Premium Service offers teachers unlimited video downloads. To learn more go to