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Frequently Asked Questions about Bell Aliant Classic Webmail

Got burning questions about Classic Webmail? Not sure where to find the answer? We've got answers to many of the common questions about Classic Webmail, right here.

Classic Webmail FAQ

How do I know when I've received new email?

Each time you Sign In to Classic Webmail, your Inbox is displayed and Classic Webmail checks automatically for new messages. Thereafter, while Classic Webmail is open, you can manually check for new messages by clicking the Inbox button or by clicking the New Messages button. Your Inbox window will refresh, and if any new messages have arrived, they will be displayed, sorted according to your setting. (The default sort setting is by date, newest at the top. Depending on how many messages you already have in your Inbox and your display settings, your messages may be spread over several pages, and so you may have to click to another page to view new messages.)

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Will exiting my browser automatically sign me out?

Yes. If you exit your Web browser without clicking the Logout button, Classic Webmail will automatically sign you out after two hours. We recommend always clicking the Logout button before exiting your browser.

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Can I be signed in to my Classic Webmail account more than once at the same time?

Yes. You can Sign In to your Classic Webmail account from more than one computer at a time. However, you will be "timed-out" after a preset period of idle activity.

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How do I use a Display Name for my Addresses?

When you add addresses to your Address List, you must specify a Display Name as a label for that address entry. A Display Name can be used as a shortcut when composing messages - once added to your Address List, you only have to click the recipient's name in the Address List instead of typing the whole email address. Read more about Classic Webmail Addresses and the Address List.

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How do I change my name as it appears in my outgoing email messages?

The name that appears in your outgoing messages is set in the Options-Your Information window. Click the Options button, then click the Your Information button to see and change your Personal Information. The Name you enter is displayed in the header of your outgoing messages, in addition to your email address, and the Name appears beside "From" in the recipient's Inbox.

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How do I know when my Classic Webmailbox is full?

Each account has 2 GB (Gigabytes) of storage space. . You can see how much of this you have used to the left of the Inbox under Mail Usage or on the Options-Your Information page :

  • Click the Options button, then click the Your Information button, then scroll down to the Mail Server Usage section.

If you are approaching your storage limit, you should delete some or all messages from your folders, especially those which include attachments. A good place to start is to empty the Trash folder, and remove messages from the Sent folder. Sorting messages by size will help identify larger messages that may be filling up the mailbox and may be removed to quickly free up space.

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I trashed my messages by mistake - can I get them back?

When you delete a message it is moved to the Trash folder. You can move messages from the Trash folder to another folder. Read about using Classic Webmail folders. Once you empty the Trash folder, you cannot get messages back.

I'm being spammed! what should I do?

Report your spam messages to the spam abuse centre by using the Report As Spam button on the folder menu or in the Read Message window.

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How do I change my password?

    Residence Customers:

    Click to change your password.

    Business Customers:

    Contact your organizationís administrator (postmaster) to change your password.
    If you do not have an organization administrator, contact Bell Aliant at 1-877-725-4268.

Remember to update your email password in your email client if necessary.

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How do I use Webmail on my Smartphone?

  • Email should ideally be set up in a mail client on the Smartphone using either the IMAP protocol or using the POP protocol, leaving messages on the server. Visit your mobile provider website for information on how to set up an email address in the email client on your phone. Visit Help and Support to find the email settings required to set it up.
  • There is no mobile version of Webmail but we do provide basic access to Classic Webmail, in the event that an account cannot be set up in an email client.
  • Smartphone users should always use Classic Webmail for optimal performance.
  • To access Classic Webmail directly in English, go to To access it in French, go to

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